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Our Products
ABBA offers a wide variety of surface protective material to meet customers’ needs. To select the surface protective material most suitable for the application and environment in which it is going to be used, detailed information corresponding to each function is required. Please refer to the “Basic functional requirements for surface protective materials” and “Criteria for selecting a surface protective material” below. Our staff will be pleased to help you find the best product based on the information from these charts.
ABBA™Protection Tape. V6® Protect ‘n’ Peel aluminium protection tape can prevent scratching and staining of anodised or powdercoated frames during construction.
PE Ultra-Low Tack Protection Tape PE High Tack Protection Tape Surface Protective Film Glass Protection Film
PE High Tack Protection Tape Available in widths of 2 to 72 inches, lengths of 300 to 2,500 feet, cross web and down web perforations, colors include clear, blue, white, and custom printing. A 5 mil high-tack protective tape with a polyethylene backing.
Low Tack Surface Protection Film ABBA® glass protection film has a low level of solvent or water-based acrylic adhesive applied to a tough co-extruded polyethylene (LDPE) carrier. The standard colours are Clear, Blue and Green.
Surface Protective Film ABBA® glass protection film has excellant UV properties and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Glass protection film is ideal for protecting glass from plaster, paint, render and other construction trades where the glass is susceptible to damage.
ABBA® protection tape has up to 6 months UV resistance properties ensuring all year round usage indoors and outdoors. This tape was developed as a method of protecting powder coated and anodised aluminium window profiles.
UPVC profiles need precise protection from scratch and damage during manufacture, fabrication, transit and installation. Keep your profiles immaculate with our range of ABBA® UPVC profile protection films. An extensive range of colours are available to suit every application.
Multi Surface Protection Surface Protection Film Hundreds of products and applications need protecting from dust and spillages etc. From worktops to banister rails, hard floors to electrical products, keep it clean with our ABBA® multi-surface protection film. Simply roll out and press into position to provide instant protection that won’t leave a residue.
Sheet Metal Protection Surface Protection Film Whether it’s profiled cladding or brushed aluminium, sheet metal is an expensive part of any project. We all know the inconvenience and cost of those on-site touch ups. ABBA® UV resistant protection films to ensure a clean peel – every time.
Carpet Protection Surface Protection Film Carpets need careful protection from dust and dirt during removals, site work, office refurbishments, painting and decorating etc. Keep your carpets spotless with our ABBA® carpet protection film. This product can be put down in seconds offering a safe protected surface, and will leave no residue when removed.
Laminate & Carpets Protective Film ABBA laminate protective film ensures your finished surfaces remain blemish-free and maintain maximum value. Films are available in a broad range of thicknesses, providing protection from an array of damages. Our adhesive films can be easily and securely applied, and can be just as easily removed without leaving any adhesive residue.
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