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Our Products
Will be sticky foam tape attached to the top, you can paste all the good products, products of various precision thickness requirements, or with the back of the sticky surface of adhesive power differences in different types of products is very good construction, no glue or heat good. Adhesion and matrix according to different materials, have viscosity and sizes choice
High tack adhesive system Available in various thicknesses
Single Sided Foam Tape Sided Foam Tape
ABBA™ EVA Adhesive Tape. V6® Double Side EVA foam tape is used extensively in the automotive, HVAC and construction industries to provide air & weather tight seals; for gasketing, cushioning, vibration control in speakers, vehicles, electronic components and door frames. Also for filling and sealing gaps around windows, doors, and car/SUV tops for better insulation. It is a clean, waste free substitute for liquid sealants
two pieces of bottom paper; The paper, and PE membrane, suitable for the washing type and judge slice. the ones that can make and pack and take precautions against earthquakes and protect are used; There is choice of many kinds of thickness.
PE- 10
Double-sided PE Adhesive Tape cohesive force and able to bear warmlying are good, with act as the bottom material from PE to type membrane. Suitable for the use of the relevant work of the open air, suitable for the automobile accessories too, like Qi bike is protected (anticollision) The sticking of one, escort the pasting of one with the looks frame of the glass.
Widely applied on sign, nameplate, purchase display, book rack, photo frame and cable clip Used as decorative material for craft making, artwork, origami making, gift wrapping and cushioning As glue replacement material for envelope sealing, scrapbook making, woodworking and advertising
Double Sided Foam Tape is made of ethylene vinyl acetate foam (EVA) or polyethylene foam (PE) as backing material which double coated with high quality acrylic adhesive and glassine paper with printed 3M logo as release liner.
Double Sided Polyethylene Foam Tapes Double Sided PE Foam Tape is made of polyethylene foam (PE) as backing material which double coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and PE-coated paper as release liner. As a description, PE Foam with IUPAC name of Polyethylene Foam is a firm and closed cell foam with cross-linkage. Hence, Double Sided PE Foam Tape is hard to return into its original shape after compressed by force.
Double-sided PE Adhesive Tape Fine touch feel and high resistance to heat, water, dust as well as moisture Outstanding weather resistance properties allow for both indoor and outdoor usages Apply in seconds due to excellent holding power and good anti-corrosion characteristics High adhesion and good strength due to high quality of carrier material with different textures
Adhesive Tapes
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