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UV Release Tape Low ionic impurities and adhesion stability make this the perfect tape for your clean room application. Excellent expandability.
V6 Laminating machine-2put1accepted double-sided conveyer heat sticking type conveyer type unscratched double-sided laminating machine ABBA fabrication
ABBA™BOPP Matt Laminating Film. The film is mainly used for laminating labels, without heating, easy to use. We produce a film on the high transparency, no bubbles, no wrinkles, the quality is guaranteed.
A full range of tack levels from low to extra-high is also conveniently available for standard and premium paper grades as well as clear film to ensure the exact effect, quality and results you want.
ABBA® offers a wide variety of surface protective material to meet customers’ needs.
Sheet cutter Machine adopts imported PLC overall control with touch screen display, simple and ease of operation. Fast cutting speed, high precision.
Business Cards Business Cards Designs
ABBA PP Protective Film Every moment a product is unprotected in your manufacturing or shipping process, it's at the mercy of its handler, its environment and a variety of other factors.
Gaffer Tape Abba Tapes & Specialties offers the most complete line of pressure sensitive tapes for the Graphic and Specialty Arts industries. We continue to add new and innovative products to this line to serve all your needs.
Peeling tapes Tape Stripping Size:38mm*100M, 50mm*100M, 75mm*100M, 100mm*100M. Can be customized according to customer requirements of different specifications (in line with EU environmental certification RoHS).
Need Application Tape? We have the right Heat Release Tape to fit your needs!
PE High Tack Protection Tape ABBA Tape Temporary Surface Protection Tape protects surfaces while offering repositionability and easy, smooth removal. This temporary protective tape is available in a wide range of widths, making it adaptable to numerous applications.
By using computer to creat a layout within one minute, stamping golden&silver. Medium types:paper,PVCcard,leather,sticker,fabric,plastic.etc Supporting the main softwares based on windows,like Coreldraw,Office
Release Film ABBA™Release Paper. high quality paper, polyester and BOPP release liners feature release coatings on one or both sides for easy removal
Peeling tapes LCD-TFT Polaroid film tearing, TFT-LCD polarizer stripping protective film, polarizing film uncovering protective film and LCD polarizer, backlight stripping protective film, polarizer protection film is peeled, (LCM sticking polarizer, polarizer is transmitted to the liquid pressure put on the plate to transfer).
We shall continue to pursue the ABBA Standard of Quality (a level of quality that satisfies the demands of the automotive industry), and always strive to provide customers with satisfaction and confidence in us.
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