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Polypropylene Protection Film (Low Tack) Use:Aerospace, Appliance, Automotive, Construction, Electronics, General Industrial, Metalworking, Military & Government, Specialty Vehicle, Transportation
ABBA™ PVC Cold Lamination Film. with high transparency PVC film as the substrate, with excellent stability, OPP plastic film membrane surface smooth, high transparency, heat resistance weather resistance, adhesive glue less prone to change, easy punching die-cutting and easy to peel and other characteristics, Best of cutting red industry and sign industry nameplates, pet protective film substitutes
UV Curable Dicing Tape OVERVIEW Very high adhesive strength secures wafers firmly during dicing, while allowing for easy removal after exposure.
Glaze Heat Transfer Material Shimmering color, however you look at it. Iridescent heat transfer material Changes color depending on the angle from which it's viewed Extremely thin, with a soft hand Excellent stretch and rebound Not recommended for multi-layer applications
PE Ultra-Low Tack Protection Tape PE High Tack Protection Tape Surface Protective Film Glass Protection Film
By using computer to creat a layout within one minute, stamping golden&silver. Medium types:paper,PVCcard,leather,sticker,fabric,plastic.etc Supporting the main softwares based on windows,like Coreldraw,Office
Ease of operation is the main feature of our roll laminator. The easy-to-use design makes the operator's job simpler with features such as:Easy Loading Plenty of clearance is allowed for film loading. No more burnt knuckles when "hot loading".
ABBA Tape Temporary Surface Protection Tape protects surfaces while offering repositionability and easy, smooth removal. This temporary protective tape is available in a wide range of widths, making it adaptable to numerous applications.
Business Cards Business Cards Designs
Roll Lamination / Roll Laminators We have a wide variety of laminators to choose from in various widths and capabilities.
Since 1976, we have been developing new technologies and products and solutions to help the global design. Since the establishment of Taiwan in 1976, we have been developing new technologies and products and solutions to help global design. Engineers, to meet their various applications in a variety of industries and requirements
ABBA™Thermal Release Sheet REVALPHA Tightly adheres and can easily be peeled off just by heating; perfect for temporary fixing.
PE Ultra-Low Tack Protection Tape ABBA PP Protective Film Every moment a product is unprotected in your manufacturing or shipping process, it's at the mercy of its handler, its environment and a variety of other factors.
Double-Sided Tape Universal Double-sided Tape Universal is a highly versatile double-sided tape that matches a wide range of applications like floor laying, handicraft and home decoration. It is able to attach all types of materials, provided they have a sufficiently firm, flat and smooth surface. The tape features a plastic foil that can easily be torn by hand for fast and easy application. It offers strong adhesion and can be used for the permanent fixation of different materials.
ABBA® Polyurethane Protective Tape. Easily applied to a variety of surfaces; conformable and can be painted or applied over painted surfaces Simplified installation process; fast and easy to apply. Aerospace, Appliance, Automotive, Construction, Electronics, General Industrial, Metalworking.
Hot Press Foil Stamping Machine Tipper Machine,Card Tipper Bronzing Machine
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