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Hot Press Foil Stamping Machine Tipper Machine,Card Tipper Bronzing Machine
Roll Lamination / Roll Laminators We have a wide variety of laminators to choose from in various widths and capabilities.
Cold Roll laminator is capable of running a wider range of media and cangenerate higher process speeds, which make this range of machines ideal for business that are looking to build in extra capacity and more versatility.
our ready-to-apply graphics will be clean and free from tunnels, wrinkles or edge curl thanks to ABBA Tape's ingenious Release Liner Adhesion technology!
PET High Tack Protection Film
ABBA PP Protective Film Every moment a product is unprotected in your manufacturing or shipping process, it's at the mercy of its handler, its environment and a variety of other factors.
PCB Cleaning Tape ADHESIVE CLEAN TAPE removing dust from PCB,clean room,no residue adhesive clean tape, clean roll, clean tape, pcb tape, adhesive tape
ABBA™ Wafer De-taping Tape PT-100 Translucent polyester film tape with aggressive rubber adhesive specifically designed to remove polyolefinic surface protection tapes such as silicon wafer backgrinding tape. Can also remove general purpose tapes.
ABBA® Polyurethane Protective Tape. Easily applied to a variety of surfaces; conformable and can be painted or applied over painted surfaces Simplified installation process; fast and easy to apply. Aerospace, Appliance, Automotive, Construction, Electronics, General Industrial, Metalworking.
Clear Low Tack Transfer Experience trouble-free storage and transport with graphics that will not "dog ear" then stick together, or tunnel after being unrolled. Well-anchored adhesive stays on the tape, not your vinyl... eliminating time-consuming cleanup. Time is saved. Graphics needn't be recut.
Reflective Heat Transfer Material Increase visibility in low-light conditions. Reflective heat transfer material is thin, economical with a reflective finish Available in silver only Compliant with some ANSI safety standards. Can be used as a foreground only in multi-layer applications
Flooring Double-Sided Tape For fixation of all carpet and PVC flooring materials Sticks to many types of floor and is removable without leaving residue* Double-sided adhesive Textile reinforced Easy to tear by hand
UV Curable Dicing Tape with Liner A very high adhesive strength secures wafers firmly during dicing, while allowing for easy removal after exposure. UV tape is an excellent fit for small-die application and non-standard substrate such as FR4 board BGA wafers
Peeling tapes LCD-TFT Polaroid film tearing, TFT-LCD polarizer stripping protective film, polarizing film uncovering protective film and LCD polarizer, backlight stripping protective film, polarizer protection film is peeled, (LCM sticking polarizer, polarizer is transmitted to the liquid pressure put on the plate to transfer).
Sheet cutter Machine adopts imported PLC overall control with touch screen display, simple and ease of operation. Fast cutting speed, high precision.
Adhesive Tapes
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