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Flooring Tape Residue-free Removal Don't worry about ruining the floor if you want to cover it with a carpet or a PVC flooring of your choice. ABBA® Flooring Tape Residue-free Removal is not only a double-sided self-adhesive carpet tape that combines strong adhesion with easy removal.
Ease of operation is the main feature of our roll laminator. The easy-to-use design makes the operator's job simpler with features such as:Easy-To-Use Controls Since pressure, speed, and roll tension are preset, the laminator requires very little instruction to use.
Paper or Plastic Transfer Tape There are two different kinds of transfer tapes; paper tape and clear or transparent tape. For most applications either one will suffice so it’s largely a matter of personal preference. But there are essential differences that should be taken into account when choosing one or the other. Here’s a quick comparison.
Double-Sided Tape Universal Double-sided Tape Universal is a highly versatile double-sided tape that matches a wide range of applications like floor laying, handicraft and home decoration. It is able to attach all types of materials, provided they have a sufficiently firm, flat and smooth surface. The tape features a plastic foil that can easily be torn by hand for fast and easy application. It offers strong adhesion and can be used for the permanent fixation of different materials.
V6 Transfer Tape Applicator (ABBA Application Tape Applicator)
ABBA® protection tape has up to 6 months UV resistance properties ensuring all year round usage indoors and outdoors. This tape was developed as a method of protecting powder coated and anodised aluminium window profiles.
ABBA™Release Paper. high quality paper, polyester and HDPE release liners feature release coatings on one or both sides for easy removal.
Clear Low Tack Transfer Experience trouble-free storage and transport with graphics that will not "dog ear" then stick together, or tunnel after being unrolled. Well-anchored adhesive stays on the tape, not your vinyl... eliminating time-consuming cleanup. Time is saved. Graphics needn't be recut.
Heat Transfer Film,Hot Stamping Film Not recommended for multi-layer applications Material Specifications Composition: Polyurethane (PU) Thickness: 100 microns/.1mm Stretch & Rebound: 4 Washability: 10
ABBA™ BOPP Laminating Film Silent Tape. is a very important flexible packaging materials, OPP film is colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic and have high tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, toughness and good transparency.
ABBA™ BOPP Laminating Film. is based on the substrate, single-sided acrylic adhesive coating and laminating film made from (a single layer not bonded release film) plastic film, OPP plastic film membrane surface smooth, high transparency, heat resistance weather resistance, OPP plastic film membrane surface smooth, high transparency, heat resistance weather resistance,
The Original "R Tape All Purpose Application Tape" is a popular choice for every day sign shop applications. Standard weight saturated paper High Tack Repositionable Thickness: 4.0-4.5 Suitable for small and medium plotter cut lettering and printed graphics User-friendly easy unwind and clean tearing features Holds up very well in wet method applications.
Application Tape Designed to assist in the application of decals cut into logos and emblems. Great stencil material for applying tattoo and temporary tattoo designs. Laminates smoothly to graphics with no film distortion and resists stretching during installation. Makes handling large graphics more manageable.
ABBA™Vinyl Film. V6® This sticky back plastic that we supply is a monomeric sign vinyl with a self adhesive backing and can be used inside as well as outside as its suitable for all weather conditions and last up to 5-7 years in outdoor applications. Not only can this product be used on signs, it can also be used to create graphics for vehicles and windows. Also it can be used for the majority of all advertising purposes and exhibition signage.
Cold laminating film can make the photo image has high corrosion resistance and erosion resistance to ultraviolet radiation, often for a very long time the new, nerver fade, the same yellow, more strong sense of three-dimensinal, produce beat all effect, Can be widely used in wedding phase, oil production, calligraphy and painting, posters, ourdoor advertisting all kinds of pictures, files, data Etc....
UV Curable Dicing Tape with Liner A very high adhesive strength secures wafers firmly during dicing, while allowing for easy removal after exposure. UV tape is an excellent fit for small-die application and non-standard substrate such as FR4 board BGA wafers
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