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Application Tape (High viscosity)Excellent for protecting and transferring printed/digital media. Exceptional clarity for easy registration.
PCB Cleaning Tape We are engaged in offering excellent quality Adhesive Clean Tape Removing Dust From PCB, Clean Room, No Residue to our valuable clients. Adhesive clean tape is used to remove dust from PCB and clean room. It is excellent in absorbing fine dust without leaving residue and it is easy to produce in various levels of adhesive power and sizes and applicable in diverse types of PC
Cold Roll laminator is capable of running a wider range of media and cangenerate higher process speeds, which make this range of machines ideal for business that are looking to build in extra capacity and more versatility.
Gaffer Tape Abba Tapes & Specialties offers the most complete line of pressure sensitive tapes for the Graphic and Specialty Arts industries. We continue to add new and innovative products to this line to serve all your needs.
ABBA® Polyurethane Protective Tape. A leading edge, erosion protection tape that is a tough polyurethane with acrylic adhesive that resists punctures, tearing and abrasion.
V6 Transfer Tape Applicator (ABBA Application Tape Applicator)
PET High Tack Protection Film
PE Medium Tack Protection Tape ABBA PP Protective Film Every moment a product is unprotected in your manufacturing or shipping process, it's at the mercy of its handler, its environment and a variety of other factors.
Adhesive Label Cutting Machine It is applicable for the cutting of PVC film, insulation sheet, Mylar, foam, industrial tape, electronic tape and various inch setting, entirely broken and partially broken electronic materials.
Polypropylene Protective Tape polypropylene multi-polymer tape with a medium tack adhesive system for temporary surface protection. Made in Taiwan. Up to 6 months UV protection with improved fresh paint compatibility
By using computer to creat a layout within one minute, stamping golden&silver. Medium types:paper,PVCcard,leather,sticker,fabric,plastic.etc Supporting the main softwares based on windows,like Coreldraw,Office
Double-Sided Tape Our line of double-sided bonding tapes provide shear strength, conformability, surface adhesion and temperature resistance to make selecting the right tape for your next project easier than ever.
PET hotmelt adhesive film ABBA™ PET protective film with high transparency PET film as the substrate, with excellent stability, PET plastic film membrane surface smooth, high transparency, heat resistance weather resistance, adhesive glue less prone to change, easy punching die-cutting and easy to peel and other characteristics, Best of cutting red industry and sign industry nameplates, pet protective film substitutes
V6 Transfer Tape Applicator ABBA Application Tape Applicator
Carpet Protection Surface Protection Film Carpets need careful protection from dust and dirt during removals, site work, office refurbishments, painting and decorating etc. Keep your carpets spotless with our ABBA® carpet protection film. This product can be put down in seconds offering a safe protected surface, and will leave no residue when removed.
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