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Hot Press Foil Stamping Machine Tipper Machine,Card Tipper Bronzing Machine
ABBA™ EVA Adhesive Tape. V6® Double Side EVA foam tape is used extensively in the automotive, HVAC and construction industries to provide air & weather tight seals; for gasketing, cushioning, vibration control in speakers, vehicles, electronic components and door frames. Also for filling and sealing gaps around windows, doors, and car/SUV tops for better insulation. It is a clean, waste free substitute for liquid sealants
Glaze Heat Transfer Material Shimmering color, however you look at it. Iridescent heat transfer material Changes color depending on the angle from which it's viewed Extremely thin, with a soft hand Excellent stretch and rebound Not recommended for multi-layer applications
ABBA™ BOPP Laminating Film. is based on the substrate, single-sided acrylic adhesive coating and laminating film made from (a single layer not bonded release film) plastic film, OPP plastic film membrane surface smooth, high transparency, heat resistance weather resistance, OPP plastic film membrane surface smooth, high transparency, heat resistance weather resistance,
PE Ultra-Low Tack Protection Tape ABBA PP Protective Film Every moment a product is unprotected in your manufacturing or shipping process, it's at the mercy of its handler, its environment and a variety of other factors.
Double Sided Polyethylene Foam Tapes Double Sided PE Foam Tape is made of polyethylene foam (PE) as backing material which double coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and PE-coated paper as release liner. As a description, PE Foam with IUPAC name of Polyethylene Foam is a firm and closed cell foam with cross-linkage. Hence, Double Sided PE Foam Tape is hard to return into its original shape after compressed by force.
Peeling tapes Tape Stripping Size:38mm*100M, 50mm*100M, 75mm*100M, 100mm*100M. Can be customized according to customer requirements of different specifications (in line with EU environmental certification RoHS).
UV Curable Dicing Tape with Liner Adheres just like any normal adhesive tape at room temperature; can easily be peeled off when necessary by just heating.
Heat Transfer Film,Hot Stamping Film Not recommended for multi-layer applications Material Specifications Composition: Polyurethane (PU) Thickness: 100 microns/.1mm Stretch & Rebound: 4 Washability: 10
Reflective Heat Transfer Material Increase visibility in low-light conditions. Reflective heat transfer material is thin, economical with a reflective finish Available in silver only Compliant with some ANSI safety standards. Can be used as a foreground only in multi-layer applications
Cold laminating film can make the photo image has high corrosion resistance and erosion resistance to ultraviolet radiation, often for a very long time the new, nerver fade, the same yellow, more strong sense of three-dimensinal, produce beat all effect, Can be widely used in wedding phase, oil production, calligraphy and painting, posters, ourdoor advertisting all kinds of pictures, files, data Etc....
ABBA® Polyurethane Protective Tape. A leading edge, erosion protection tape that is a tough polyurethane with acrylic adhesive that resists punctures, tearing and abrasion.
V6 Application Tape Applicator Transfer Tape Applicator ABBA Application Tape Applicator
PCB Cleaning Tape Adhesive clean tape is used to remove dust from PCB and clean room. It is excellent in absorbing fine dust without leaving residue and it is easy to produce in various levels of adhesive power and sizes and applicable in diverse types of PCB.
V6 Laminating machine-2put1accepted double-sided conveyer heat sticking type
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