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ABBA® offers a wide variety of surface protective material to meet customers’ needs.
UV Curable Dicing Tape with Liner Adheres just like any normal adhesive tape at room temperature; can easily be peeled off when necessary by just heating.
Abba Tape Application Tape Clear tapes are so transparent because they’re made from plastic face films instead of paper. The clear plastic construction provides the transparency some sign makers need. A low tack clear film for vinyl graphics application. This tape is also great for creating temporary tattoo stencils! The product consists of a self-wound, polypropylene cast film coated with a proprietary non-yellowing, acrylic water based pressure sensitive adhesive. It lays and stays flat for easy transfer and storage. Main Tape protects printed graphics from scratches and releases cleanly. Peels off nicely.
V6 Transfer Tape Applicator ABBA Application Tape Applicator
V6 conveyer type unscratched double-sided laminating machine
Paper or Plastic Transfer Tape There are two different kinds of transfer tapes; paper tape and clear or transparent tape. For most applications either one will suffice so it’s largely a matter of personal preference. But there are essential differences that should be taken into account when choosing one or the other. Here’s a quick comparison.
BOPP Lamination Tape ABBA™ OPP protective film with high transparency OPP film as the substrate, with excellent stability, OPP plastic film membrane surface smooth, high transparency, heat resistance weather resistance, adhesive glue less prone to change, easy punching die-cutting and easy to peel and other characteristics, Best of cutting red industry and sign industry nameplates, pet protective film substitutes
Sticker Vinyl ABBA™Vinyl Film. V6® This sticky back plastic that we supply is a monomeric sign vinyl with a self adhesive backing and can be used inside as well as outside as its suitable for all weather conditions and last up to 5-7 years in outdoor applications. Not only can this product be used on signs, it can also be used to create graphics for vehicles and windows. Also it can be used for the majority of all advertising purposes and exhibition signage.
Hot Press Foil Stamping Machine Tipper Machine,Card Tipper Bronzing Machine
Double-Sided Tape Our line of double-sided bonding tapes provide shear strength, conformability, surface adhesion and temperature resistance to make selecting the right tape for your next project easier than ever.
Cold laminating film can make the photo image has high corrosion resistance and erosion resistance to ultraviolet radiation, often for a very long time the new, nerver fade, the same yellow, more strong sense of three-dimensinal, produce beat all effect, Can be widely used in wedding phase, oil production, calligraphy and painting, posters, ourdoor advertisting all kinds of pictures, files, data Etc....
Since 1976, we have been developing new technologies and products and solutions to help the global design. Since the establishment of Taiwan in 1976, we have been developing new technologies and products and solutions to help global design. Engineers, to meet their various applications in a variety of industries and requirements
ABBA® Polyurethane Protective Tape. Easily applied to a variety of surfaces; conformable and can be painted or applied over painted surfaces Simplified installation process; fast and easy to apply. Aerospace, Appliance, Automotive, Construction, Electronics, General Industrial, Metalworking.
Heat Transfer Film Easy, inexpensive way to create high-end fashion wear using Heat Transfer Foil No need to screen print a base layer for foil - just cut, apply, and foil Arrives on a carrier for use with your vinyl cutter Handles fine detail for intricate foil embellishments
PET High Tack Protection Film
Roll Lamination / Roll Laminators We have a wide variety of laminators to choose from in various widths and capabilities.
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